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Henderson Hills Baptist Church

Located in Edmond, OK, Henderson Hills Baptist Church has grown into a church with thousands of members, many ministry programs, and a future full of possibilities.

We partnered with Henderson Hills on a new identity and website, in preparation for the unveiling of a new chapter in the life of the church. The leaders of the church introduced the new chapter by refocusing their vision and programs around the simple mission of “Love God. Love People. Make Disciples.” This mission permeates every facet of participation for members, and it also guides Henderson Hills’ local and global outreach programs.

We anchored the new look for the church in the redesign of their logo. From there, we designed and developed a new website. The website is fully responsive, meaning it is optimized for viewing on computers, tablets, and phones. Among other features, the Online Sermons section allows website visitors to easily find and watch sermon and worship video content. Church staff can manage all areas of the site through a Content Management System.

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